Bike Fits

Full Cycle’s fitting process looks at you as an individual and fits your bike to the unique needs of your body while considering your injury history, athletic history, riding style, and goals. Our fitters are trained to work with all riders, from the serious rider demanding top performance to the recreational rider or commuter wanting to improve their comfort and efficiency.

See a salesperson or call us to make an appointment or for more information.

Comprehensive Fit:  $200 – Estimated Time:  2.5 hours

The most comprehensive fit available. Includes rotation and medial-lateral cleat assessment, forefoot angle assessment, seat height & fore/aft adjustment, and stem evaluation. This service incorporates utilizes left and right size pedal analysis, along with a full range of motion and flexibility test to gauge exactly what your optimal position on the bike is. A graphic record of the customer’s geometry measurements, comments, and recommendations will be kept on file and available to the customer, as well as any near-term, follow-up adjustments (per fitter discretion) that may be required.

static 3-Point/Basic Fit:  $75 – Estimated Time: 30 min. to 1 hour

A basic fit using well-established methods among industry professionals, which reduces risk of overuse injury and focuses on the comfort of the rider. This fit includes cleat mounting/adjustment, seat height and fore/aft adjustment, stem/handlebar evaluation, and a one page, customized, graphic record of the fit.