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Keep Your Bike Running Smooth

Full Cycle’s service department strives to provide the highest tier of service possible, from suspension teardowns to wheel building. We are committed to a four-day turnaround this summer, so appointments will not be necessary: simply stop by the shop to speak with a service writer or talk to a mechanic by calling us!

Suspension Service

Full Cycle is able to perform any level of service on any Fox, RockShox, or DVO product manufactured since 2016 as well as most dropper posts, with a handful of exceptions.  However, Full Cycle can submit any of these exceptions to the manufacturer for factory service. Please visit or call our store for pricing and turnaround.

Bicycles are often fully designed around a suspension platform so to ensure your bike rides as well as possible, your suspension should be regularly serviced. Buildup of grime drastically increases friction and introduces dirt into what has to be a pristine system for proper function, as the smallest of scratches can allow air molecules to sneak past seals. See our recommended maintenance to see what service your suspension requires.

Recommended Bike Maintenance

All recommendations are just that: recommendations. Maintenance depends heavily on the type of rider, the bike’s usage, the conditions it is ridden in, how clean it is kept, and a variety of other factors.

Before Each Ride

Lube chain

Check tire pressure

Check brakes

Check Quick Releases/Thru Axles

Drop test: drop your bike from a few inches up and listen for clunks


Check chain wear

Check brake pads

Check wheel true

Check bearings

Bolt check everything

50 hour suspension service

Inspect frame and wheels for damage


Chain replacement
(if ridden hard)

Brake pad replacement
(if ridden hard)

Brake bleeds
(if ridden hard)

Deep clean of drivetrain to remove buildup

Bring bike in for a mechanic to inspect

100 hr fork service

Tubeless sealant refresh


Brake bleeds

Brake pads

Chain replacement

Suspension linkage teardown

200 hr suspension damper service

Cable/housing replacements for smooth function