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Triathlon Bikes

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Whether you are new to triathlon or a seasoned veteran, Colorado Multisport has options to fit any budget. A common question we get from new triathletes is, "Is a triathlon bike the right bike for me?" That depends! 

If you are looking to maximize speed and efficiently run off of the bike, a triathlon bike is usually the best option. However, if you are new to triathlon and don't currently own a road bike, a road bike with aerobars may be the best option for you because it offers you versatility beyond triathlon. If you want to do more technical, hilly rides or ride in groups, you can very easily take your aerobars off to adapt to a different style of riding.

Already Have a Road Bike?

If your budget is limited and you currently own a road bike, have you considered racing on the bike you already own? We offer a bike fit specific to optimizing your road bike for triathlon!