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Road to Tri Fit

Turn Your Road Bike into a Triathlon / Time Trial Bike

Can’t find or can’t justify the purchase of a triathlon or time-trial  bike?  Turn your road bike into one now and save!

With our Road to Tri bike fitting service, we’ll set you up with the optimal aero position to maximize your power, endurance, and aerodynamic benefit.  We’ll help choose and position aero bars on your road bike, determining and setting you up with proper biomechanics, a more forward saddle position for added hip efficiency will be discussed, and confirm the best pedal cleat-alignment for you.  You’ll be able to start training immediately in the right position for your upcoming event.

Road to Tri Fit Service

Do you currently have a road bike and want to prepare for triathlons? Or maybe you are a road cyclist needing more efficiency in the occasional TT and can’t justify the expense of a TT bike. Well, Our “Road-to-Tri” bike fitting service provides the rider with performance of a triathlon bike at a fraction of the cost. In this service we will change your road bike position to improve your upper body, hip, pedaling, and aerodynamic efficiency. We accomplish this through saddle and aerobar selection, saddle fore/aft placement, aero bar extension and aerobar/arm pad angle, as well as pedal-cleat alignment.

The Road-to-Tri Fit benefits riders who want to perform at their best in triathlons but are not ready to invest in a triathlon bike. This service maximizes the riders’ power output and aerodynamic efficiency for race day on their existing road bike. We customize the road-to-tri fit based on the distance of the riders’ upcoming event(s), their goals and experience, and their biomechanics. 

3 Main Efficiencies You'll Benefit From

The Road to Tri Fit places riders in a more aerodynamic position than a traditional road bike fit so the rider can get from point-to-point with less energy. 

  1. Improved aerodynamics with the addition of aero bars and often a more forward saddle placement to make this sustainable. 

  2. Skeletal system support: when the rider is in the aero bars to flatten and lower the rider’s back angle, their upper body weight is now supported by the skeletal system, relieving the postural muscles of added strain compared to holding a low back angle in the road drops. 

  3. Hip Angle: Bringing the saddle forward aids in keeping the hip angles open for greater efficiency over the top of the pedal stroke and also fighting gravity less through the recovery phase. 

We take into account each rider's cycling background, event distance, goals, budget and bike to figure out what level of efficiency each rider needs.

Don't Just Take Our Words for it!

Check out these fun videos below to see how much time you could save with a Road to Tri fit:

Find more comfort, power, and efficiency for your next event!

TIME: approximately 2 hours

COST: $250

Side View Aero Progression

From left to right, showing a more aggressive and aero riding position.

Starting road position

Final road position

Final Drops

Final Aero

Frontal View Aero Progression

From left to right, showing the frontal area decreasing with a more aggressive and aero riding position.