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The Best Investment You Can Make

Full Cycle’s fitting process looks at you as an individual and fits your bike to the unique needs of your body while considering your injury history, athletic history, riding style, and goals. Our fitters are trained to work with all riders, from the serious rider demanding top performance to the recreational rider or commuter wanting to improve their comfort and efficiency.

Whether you want to improve your efficiency on your existing bike or you want to purchase a new bike, we can help. Our professional fitters, who are certified exercise physiologists, have many, many years of experience working with athletes of all levels and disciplines.

Book your bike fit below, or call us / email us to learn more.  Before you schedule your fit, please read our Cancellation Policy.

Advanced 3D Retül Bike Fit

We believe your on-bike position should be custom tailored to you, the rider. Our professional fitters will instill confidence without attitude and leave you enjoying the ride. Our expert 3D fit process includes cycling-specific flexibility and functional strength assessment, off-bike biomechanical analysis, dynamic 2D video and 3D motion capture with real time biofeedback training using Retul motion capture technology, comprehensive digital reports of 2D and 3D body parameters and 3D bicycle fit coordinates.

Basic 2D Bike Fit

This service focuses on the basics of shoe/cleat placement, saddle selection, saddle fore/aft/height, and front end stem adjustment to optimize rider position, as well as troubleshooting specific rider symptoms. Our professional fitters will utilize the basics of the Comprehensive 3D Fit without the biomechanical or Retul motion analysis and reporting.

Road to Tri Fit

This service is for those who have a road bike and want to add on aerobars for triathlons or time-trials without investing into a second bike. This will improve your aerodynamics and overall efficiency without having a second bike. Some athletes only do a couple races a year and don’t need a second bike, some just want to make sure they like the sport first, and others are saving up the money to purchase the tri bike they really want in the future. We just want to help you through the process of selecting the aerobars (or BYOB) and getting you dialed.

Pre-Bike Purchase Fitting

This is a two part fitting service. First, we dial in your ideal fit using the Retül Muve "fitbike", paired with the sophisticated Retül 3D Motion Capture System, this fit allows us to adjust your body in space to your ideal position while keeping your goals and needs in mind. We can use the data from your fit coordinates on the Muve to evaluate which bikes on the market fit you best, and with what equipment. We may also use this service to determine how close your existing bike fits, and we can translate the numbers over to your existing bike. This is a great way to make sure your existing equipment or future purchase is not limiting your performance. Once you have purchased your new bike, a follow-up fitting appointment is included to confirm the position.

Retül Custom Footbeds

Comfort and Power Align

Our cycling-specific custom Retul/MasterFit branded insoles offer the best foot comfort, support, efficiency, and power transfer while reducing your chance of injury. They also last 2-3 times longer than off-the-shelf stock insoles. This service appointment includes foot, shoe, and cleat evaluation, along with on site foot molding, casting, and testing of the new custom insoles you can start using right away.

Bring at least your bike shoes (bike is optional) to test the insoles and confirm fit during this session.

Sweat Composition Testing

One of the most common conversations we have at Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport with performance-oriented cyclists includes the question: "How much sodium do I need to perform at my best on the bike?".

We can finally answer this question scientifically with our Sweat Composition Test, which measures the sodium concentration in your sweat and the unique sodium requirements for optimal athletic performance. 

Amazingly, this simple test is conveniently done without exercising! 

Full Cycle is proud to be one of the very few places in the country to offer this valuable testing. Unlock your potential today!

Mountain Bike Fitting

Whether you ride XC, Enduro, or DH, a 2D mountain fit allows you to get the most out of your bike. Through the use of proper body mechanics, our bike fitters will position riders to maximize performance and efficiency so they can keep ripping all season long.

Improve your climbing and decsending positions for increased efficiency, control, comfort and handling.

Perfect the Contact Points

Contact points, the places where your body meets the bike, are critical areas for comfort and control. Get it wrong, and even the best bikes can be miserable to ride.

We're here to help you fine tune every detail to get the most comfort and performance out of your ride.

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