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Boot Fitting at Full Cycle

 Enjoy Skiing the Backcountry with Comfort, Stability and Precise Control

At Full Cycle, we believe that a properly fitted boot is crucial to perform at your best in the backcountry or on the slopes, uphill or downhill. People often prioritize equipment and often overlook the fact that ill-fitting ski boots can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injury, hindering your ability to ski to your potential. Our team offers good, better, best boot fitting options to help all levels of skiers, foot types, and budgets.

Our focus is on backcountry/alpine touring (AT) equipment in the store, but we can help create comfort in all types of ski boots. 

WHY a Proper Ski Boot Fitting is Important

Skiing is a dynamic and physically demanding sport that requires precision, control, and comfort. Your ski boots are the direct link between your body and your skis, making them a crucial component of your skiing equipment. When your ski boots fit properly, they act as an extension of your body, allowing you to transfer your movements effectively to your skis. This seamless connection between your body and your gear is essential for achieving optimal performance on the slopes.

BENEFITS of a Properly Fitted Ski Boot:

  • Maximum control and power through turns on all conditions
  • More efficient transfer of your movement into the ski, allowing greater precision and responsiveness
  • Better safety and less chance for injury
  • Increased confidence with more control
  • Increased comfort (reduce chance for blisters, soreness, painful pressure points)
  • Longer days on the slopes or in the backcountry
  • Better views when you are not so hyper focused on how miserable your feet feel
  • Work through problems like neuromas, bunions, high instep pressure, and numbness
  • Ultimately better skiing with better form and balance
  • Tackle more challenging slopes with confidence and carve turns more precisely

What to Expect at a Boot Fitting

Our team of boot fitters can help you:

  • Pick out the correct boot for your skiing ability and the type of skiing you will be doing
  • Confirm the size of boot that works best for your feet
  • Mold the liner to balance the desired performance and comfort
  • Determine the good, better, best footbed type that is right for you (footbeds are highly recommended if you want to be comfortable and ski at your best. Certain individuals are strongly encouraged to skip drop-in and custom footbeds and move toward custom orthotics)
  • This may take 1-2 hours depending on exact service desired

Our Good, Better, Best Model


  • Confirm boot for type of skiing and ability 
  • Proper boot/shell size
  • Liner molding


Good plus:
  • Understanding the mechanics of the foot for true support using either a drop-in insole or custom footbed
  • Will add additional comfort and control


Better plus: 

  • Work with our Pedorthist partner shop: Boulder Orthotics
  • Custom Fixed Foot Orthotics
  • Boot shell modifications to maximize unique foot types or leg length differences

Book a Boot Fitting with Full Cycle