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The Crew

Russell Chandler

Owner & General Manager

Russ first moved to Colorado from Florida as a teenager, and attended CSU and CU before becoming a Geographic Information Systems software developer. He founded and operated three software businesses, before eventually "retiring" into the cycling industry after the 2013 floods.  He co-founded a local non-profit in Boulder called Cyclists 4 Community before purchasing the two Boulder Full Cycle stores in 2016. Over the past seven years, he has transformed Full Cycle from a struggling 34 year old mountain bike and commuter shop into a top-notch cycling retail and service center, which has become a community hub since the Tune Up taproom espresso bar was launched in 2017.

Damon Williams

Assistant General Manager

Damon’s passion for cycling stems from his innate athleticism and interest in everything mechanical. He was fortunate enough to take cycling as a PE elective in middle school and has been a mountain biker ever since. Over the years his cycling habit has grown beyond riding trails and he’s now equal parts commuter, roadie, and triathlete (aquabikes from here on out). 

Damon has been working somewhere in the industry since 1999. In 2018 he became a Demo Tech Representative for a leading Mountain Bike brand and played an integral role in the launch of an award winning eMTB. He traveled the country and set up thousands of riders on their dream bikes (electric and analog) over the next three years.

In addition to numerous bicycle manufacturers' service and fitting certifications Damon holds a B.A. in Photojournalism. Bring your bike in for service and he’ll lend you his creativity and attention to detail. Beyond making a bike mechanically sound he knows the parts and accessories to personalize your bike and make it better than new!

Ali O'Donnell - Instagram

Sales Manager

Born and raised in Boulder, Ali is as an avid athlete and outdoor enthusiast. A soccer player, runner, swimmer and skier growing up, she switched over to the sport of triathlon in college where she was a member of the 18x National Champion club triathlon team at the University of Colorado. Ali now races at the professional level, where her focus is XTERRA (off-road triathlon), but she has experience racing draft legal, short course non-draft and the 70.3 distances. She has raced on both the national and world stage as a 4x national championship qualifier in college and a World Championship qualifier in short course draft legal, half Ironman and the XTERRA disciplines. 

Stop in and ask Ali about her favorite riding and running routes in and around Boulder. She may even share some of the "locals only" hidden gems!

Ali's Favorite Bike: Specialized Epic Evo

Ali's Favorite Drink: A Tom Robey latte

Favorite Route

Ryan Ignatz - Instagram

Performance Director

Ryan has been in the bike industry since the early 90s has 18 years professional experience of as one of the leading bike fitters in the world, and most recently has played a major role in Flora Duffy's (2021 Triathlon Olympic Gold Medalist) bike fitting evolution throughout her decorated career. 

Ryan has an extensive academic pedigree. He holds an MS in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology at CU Boulder, during which he wrote his Master's thesis in cycling aerodynamic performance along side Dr. Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs. He was a former Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Comparative Animal Physiology at CU Boulder.  He has also been a Bike Fitting Instructor at Retül University and Pro Triathlon Training. 

Ryan also has had a multi-decade long experience as a professional endurance athlete. He raced for over 10 years on the professional Xterra off-road triathlon circuit, where he achieved multiple top 10 finishes at the Xterra World Championships,  top 5 finishes at Xterra Nationals, podium finish at Duathlon Pro Nationals, and an overall amateur Xterra World Championship title. 

Ryan's motto: "Being an expert means never knowing everything and continuing to learn and adapt while teaching others the “why”. 

Ryan's Favorite Bike: Specialized Epic Evo  

Ryan's Favorite Drink: Iced Decaf Americano with a splash of Oat Milk

Conor O'Brian - Instagram

Marketing Manager

Conor grew up in the northeast and split his undergrad time between Maine and Wales, UK, while spending those summers leading international adventure trips for high schoolers for a company based in western Mass. Upon graduating, Conor worked as the Director of Leader Hiring for said company for four years, where he reaffirmed a passion for community-building and discovered a passion for cycling. After moving on from that role, Conor's focus turned to exploring various areas of the cycling world.

Conor spent two winters living on Maui and working for Maui Sunriders Bike Company in several different roles (graphic designer! cycling guide! shop manager!), while using his summers to pursue long-distance bike races and rides. A couple of his proudest bike achievements include a 27-hour ride to complete the VTXL bikepacking route in one effort, a 192-mile ride around Maui to raise $31,000 for a local non-profit, a second-place finish in the Gravel Worlds 300-mile Long Voyage, and a win at Ned Gravel in the ultra distance category. Conor joined the team at Full Cycle in the fall of 2023, and is excited to bring his passion for bikes and community to the best bike shop in Boulder!

Favorite Bike: Cervélo Aspero

Favorite Place to Ride: All the quiet, dirt mountain roads

Favorite Drink: A hot cuppa joe

Ross Cronin

Bike Buyer & Assistant Sales Manager

Ross has been involved across multiple areas of the bicycle retail business for more than 12 years.  Ross studied business at the Dixon Business School at Tulane University in New Orleans, and physical therapy at Delgado College. From 2008 until 2016 at Bayou Bicycles, a leading retailer in New Orleans, he worked as a sales associate, mechanic apprentice, and assistant sales manager.  He then moved on to Massey’s outdoor outfitter 2016-2018, before relocating to Boulder.  In 2023, he took over as Bike Buyer at Full Cycle.

Ross is primarily a mountain biker, though he can occasionally be caught riding other kinds of bikes, when not out walking his German Shepherd, Leia.

Sam Teller - Instagram

Sales Manager

Sam originally hails from the great state of Virginia.  A triathlete convert, Sam has an extensive background in distance running.

Sam competes professionally as a triathlete. His primary discipline is XTERRA (off-road traithlon) but has raced draft-legal, 70.3, and other non-draft distances.  If you want to optimize your race performance, and get the fastest bike and gear possible, chat with Sam!

Sam's Favorite Bike: The Kona Dew Plus the shop-proclaimed "best value commuter bike in existence"

Sam's Favorite Drink: Coca-Cola

Nando Cortes

Inventory & Purchasing Manager

Nando was born in Monterrey México where he originally gained interest in the outdoors and mountain biking.  At age 11, Nando moved to Dallas, Texas.  Throughout high school and college, Nando trained competitively for rowing crew and was passionate about running marathons as cross training.

Nando moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2015 and has been working in the bike industry ever since. Outside of work, Nando enjoys spending time out on the trails whether its trail running or riding his Ibis Hakka gravel bike. Nando also dedicates a lot of time to his golden retriever, Louie, who is always down for an adventure.

Reach out about any riding questions you might have and Nando would be more then happy to talk about bikes and routes! 

Brodie TwadelleInstagram

Rental Manager

Brodie is a man of many words. Brodie grew up in New England and moved to Colorado in 2018. He has been working in the bike industry for 9 years and skiing for 22 years. He grew up skiing in New Hampshire and Maine, and then moved to Colorado for the skiing.

Jeremy Cooper

Assistant Service Manager

"Cooper" moved to Boulder a few years ago from the midwest, joining Full Cycle's service department in 2019.  Since that time, he's become a key member of the service team.  Cooper has a photographic memory.  When all else fails, we know to "ask Cooper" and he usually knows where to find something!

Jaime Jacoby - Instagram

Fit Specialist

Jaime has performed bike fits for every type of rider, from novice to professional, over the last 10 years. She has trained with our Performance Director, Ryan Ignatz, in Retul fitting technology, in addition to Shimano’s Bike Fitting. Jaime ha Specialized Retul Certification Levels 1 and 2 Road, Mountain, and Aero.

Favorite Bikes: Giant TCR, Ibis Ripmo AF, Ibis Hakka, an old Italian steel road bike, and a steel 29er mountain bike.

Tom Hopper - Instagram

Master Mechanic 

Tom has been involved in the bicycle industry for over 15 years working as a mechanic in retail locations as well as the international professional road and cyclocross racing circuit. Tom’s extensive experience and abilities as a world-class mechanic have positioned him at some of the most prestigious races in the world, most notably the Tour de France, Paris Roubaix and Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY. In addition to his work at Full Cycle and Colorado Multisport, Tom is a mechanic for the EF Pro Cycling team.

Eli Strauss - Instagram

Sales Associate/Salt Dealer

Eli has been riding bikes for most of his life. He grew up in the mountain biking culture of Boulder but spent his formative years riding around NYC with no brakes or gears. He rediscovered enduro mountain biking after getting too injured and jaded from the rock climbing industry. Eli now coaches for the Boulder Junior Cycling's Enduro program. Eli enjoys French bulldogs and beer.

Eli's Favorite Bikes: Most fixies, Ibis HD6, Kona Process 134

Eli's Favorite Places to Ride: Hard Money at Maryland Mountain, Blackhawk

Eli's Favorite Drink: Jarritos or most IPA's

Tom Robey - Instagram

Bike Fitter

Tom is a Professional Triathlete with a passion for helping people be their happiest on the bike! Tom has been competing in triathlon for 4 years, and has an extensive background in swimming (12 years competitive) and running (2 years of Division 1). 

Outside of work and sport, Tom is an avid coffee lover with cafe level latte art skills. 99% of days for Tom will start with a Cortado, end with beer, and have swim, bike and run sprinkled in there somewhere!

Tom's Favorite Bike: Specialized S-Works Shiv TT

Tom's Favorite Drink: Pliny the Elder

Alexi Lemercier

Certified Speedster/Sales Associate

Alexi is a Colorado native who grew up biking and learned to ski at Eldora. Alexi is professional no-handed trackstander, good at riding small bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, brakeless bikes etc… If it has wheels, Alexi will ride it.

Alexi's Favorite Bikes: Specialized Langster (RIP), Specialized Stumpjumper Evo, Mercier Kilo TT, Freeanchi

Alexi's Favorite Drink: Whole Milk

Alexi's Favorite Place to Ride: Lefthand OHV or through the CU campus during passing period

Caitlin Standifer - Instagram

Creative Strategist - Ski & Tri

Caitlin has been in the outdoor industry for over 15 years. Caitlin cut her teeth by slinging shoes part-time at one of the oldest running shoes stores in America while pursuing a degree at Belmont University in Nashville where she also ran D1 Cross Country and Track and Field. Between then and now, Caitlin has been lucky to work for some of the best independent bike and run retailers across the country, wearing hats in sales, management, product buying, and marketing. Caitlin's true passion is in making things - whether it's pixel-perfect graphics, thoughtfully-curated copy, or making dreams come true by empowering new riders and triathletes to reach their goals.

Caitlin is an accomplished runner and triathlete, competing at the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, finishing 4th amateur overall at 70.3 Worlds in Nice, and racing every distance from draft-legal sprints to the Ironman in Hawaii. Caitlin is now dabbling in trail running and much like how she trains on a bike, you'll likely find her running up a hill near you. 

Caitlin's Favorite Bike: Specialized Tarmac

Caitlin's Favorite Drinks: A balanced diet of black coffee and hazy IPAs

Favorite Route

Caelan Thom

Bike Fitter/Sales Extraordinaire

A Boulder native, Caelan has been around bikes since he could walk. As a natural evolution from being around bike and being swimming competitively, he focused on triathlon from early in high school and competed for the University of Colorado while studying Physiology. Throughout his time racing triathlon, Caelan competed in 70.3, Olympic, Sprint, and off-road, including some draft legal racing. Recently he has transitioned to primarily mountain biking and dipping his toes into bikejoring.

Caelan holds a Bachelor’s in Integrative Physiology, where he focused on Biomechanics. He is currently pursuing his M.S. in Biomedical engineering, studying the changes in movement and decision making patterns as a result of aging and depression in the Neuromechanics lab at CU. He also holds a Retül Level 1 from Specialized.

Caelan's Favorite Drink: Anything with espresso in it

Caelan's Favorite Place to Ride: Hall Ranch