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Sweat Composition Testing

"What you don't know about electrolytes, and need to learn"

Ryan Ignatz on the Fastest Known Time (FKT) Podcast

Listen to our Performance Director, Ryan Ignatz, discussing our Sweat Testing process with Buzz Burrell of Fastest Known Time, who came in for a Sweat Test himself. 

"You lose 1,453mg of Sodium per liter of sweat.  You are a very salty sweater."

Buzz rarely supplements his fluid intake with electrolytes. Does that mean he's been doing it wrong for 50 years?  Probably yes!  Aack!

The current wisdom is "Drink to thirst".  Is that good advice?

"No. Your body always will protect its Sodium concentration, so will reduce your thirst sensation to avoid diluting its Sodium."

Don't continue to make the same mistakes Buzz has made.  Listen to Ryan on this podcast, and consider being tested yourself.

What Are You Drinking?

One of the most common conversations we have at Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport with performance-oriented cyclists includes the question: "How much sodium do I need to perform at my best on the bike?".

We can finally answer this question scientifically with our Sweat Testing service, which measures the sodium concentration in your sweat and the unique sodium requirements for optimal athletic performance. 

Amazingly, this simple test is conveniently done without exercising! 

Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport is proud to be one of the very few places in the country to offer this valuable testing. Unlock your potential today!

Schedule Your Sweat Composition Test

The cost of the test is $175, and it includes your sweat composition results, your sodium recommendation, and your short hydration consultation to outline strategies for before, during, and after training & racing. 

Please plan to spend an hour with us for your test. 

You may also add this service to a professional bike fit to make it a Performance Package ($500 total) to get the best value. Call us or email us to schedule this package. 

Why is Sweat Composition Testing Important?

Every person is unique in their nutritional needs, so why should each person follow generalized nutrition advice that only leads to more experimentation?

Using technology that was originally developed for use in the diagnosis of certain inherited diseases in children, we can now measure the key variable (sodium concentration lost in sweat) that determines each individual’s specific electrolyte needs.

This is very important because research has shown that electrolyte loss via sweating can vary up to eight-fold between individuals under the same conditions, or even thirteen-fold under the same conditions when sweat volume is factored in.

Therefore, a general guideline may work well for some, but will not even be close for others.

Do you want to be left cramping on the side of the road?

ElementTypical daily electrolyte intakeTypical absorption efficiencyTypical loss per literLoss of sweat to be deficientSweat deficiency possible?

Precision Hydration - H2Pro Hydrate Product Guide

Each person’s sweat composition is relatively fixed over their lifetime genetically, so completing one test should be sufficient for most athletes. There will always be some trial and error with various nutrition items, hydration needs, and situational strategies. Nutrition strategies become more meaningful when this key variable is understood.

Check out the video below to understand more about the sweat test itself.  The video showcases one potential nutrition product, but we can help match you to the products that work best for you.