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Cycliq Fly 6

Cycliq Fly 6
This item is currently not available.


Fly 5 rear-mounted combination tail light and camera. Catch all the action on the fly with the rear facing Fly6 HD Bike Camera and Light combo from Cycliq. Record what happens behind you in a crisp 720 HD video and audio. With looping video for easy, set-and-forget use, Fly6 V has your back while you ride your bike. Capture the cycling lifestyle from the rear while obtaining video as an insurance policy. With up to 6 hours of camera and light function the challenge will be who has the longest battery - you or the Fly6 V.

Seat post mounting
Incident protection technology
Up to 6 hours of battery
Rear-facing bike camera with audio
1280 x 720 @ 30 fps Resolution
h.264 encoding
100 degrees sensor viewing angle
Voltage 3.7v battery
4 dimming setting ranging from 100% to off
30 Lumen light output
MicroUSB charging
AVI Video File Type

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