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3T Exploro Team - Campagnolo EKAR 1X13spd

3T Exploro Team - Campagnolo EKAR 1X13spd
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The Exploro has changed gravel riding & racing forever, combining road speed and mountain toughness.

Fast on any surface; paved, gravel and singletrack. Winner of Unbound, Jeroboam, RAT1000, etc.

Use up to 54mm tires for extreme gravel.

13-speed Campagnolo drivetrain for perfect gearing on- and off-road at the best price-quality ratio.

Peloton Magazine

“A bike that literally can replace an entire stable gathering dust in a garage. A bike that exhibits the ride and reactive feel of a road frame to keep you competitive on the fastest group attack, yet can handle a black diamond extreme downhill at your local summer mountain.”


“It’s mad, but I like it! On the smoother sections the Exploro flies like the road bike on steroids it really is, and there’s a perverse pleasure in tackling rocky descents aboard a machine that feels so familiar to a roadie like me.”

Frameset of the Year “As an experiment, I did one of my standard tarmac rides on the Exploro as fast as I could and the speed was very similar to what I\'d expect on a standard road bike. And that\'s on a bike with 47mm tyres and disc brakes. I was stunned.”

Road Bike Action

“It’s without a doubt the most race-specific gravel bike available, and not only in terms of aerodynamics. More important than that, it’s lightweight, torsionally stiff, and has a performance geometry while still feeling well balanced at high speed.”


“Aero gravel might sound like a ridiculous niche—until you’re out there in the wind by yourself and still blasting along. The marketing slogan says it all: “Go slow faster.” The 3T Exploro goes fast faster, too, courtesy of all that aero tubing. Of course, not all riders have a need for 2.1-inch tires on their road bikes. But if you’re someone who likes to pedal on asphalt and dirt in equal parts, it would be hard to find a swifter ride.” 6.7kg with 3T Torno crank & Bailout cassette.


“The 3T Exploro is the world’s first aero adventure bike. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Why would aerodynamics be important on gravel rides?’ In head- or crosswinds, you may be slow relative to the ground but very fast relative to the air. That’s what determines the resistance you experience. When you’re dealing with crosswinds in the Kansas Flint Hills for 12 hours (if you’re really lucky), aerodynamics will be your best friend.”


“It was an exhilarating experience, and one that has redefined my expectations for a gravel bike. The comfort that the 2.1inch tyres offered was as extraordinary as the extra grip and sure-footedness, and I found myself looking for longer routes into areas that I would have abandoned out of fatigue on any other gravel or CX bike. Extremely versatile. Huge tyre choice.”


“The best part of this bike is how fun and fast it is in pretty much every condition… The Exploro holds its own on the road. Once in its element, it burst out from beneath me like a horse from an open barn, charging effortlessly down a chunky towpath at 28 mph. On another adventure, the Exploro efficiently negotiated a three-mile sand road that left my riding mates weaving, wallowing, and in some cases, walking.”


The Exploro is designed to fit road, cross and even mountain bike tires following the GravelPlus standard. The road and cross tires are 700c, the mountain bike tires use the 650b size, ensuring that all of these have virtually the same overall wheel diameter and therefore the same predictable handling. For 700c, we recommend our 3T Discus wheels, for 650b our 3T DiscusPlus wheels.


Why is aerodynamics important on allroad (asphalt, gravel, fire roads, single track) rides?

  • You may go slow off-road, but on the connecting asphalt sections you need road riding speed.
  • If you’re slow because of gradients, aero doesn’t matter much. But if it\'s due to head- or crosswinds, you\'re slow relative to the ground but very fast relative to the air and that’s what determines the resistance you experience (that’s exactly why you’re slow).
  • The Exploro is also a great road bike in its own right. When using it for fast paved (group) rides, any aero benefit is appreciated.

We didn’t want the Exploro to be fast in theory, but in the real world. So we tested at a realistic 20mph (32kmh) instead of the standard 30mph (48kmh) and optimized the frame for water bottles (tough to do long, epic rides without). We even designed the Sqaero shape to work well when covered in mud! The result? A muddy Exploro with 40mm knobby gravel tires and 2 water bottles (red line in the graph) is faster than the equivalent clean round tube bike is with 28mm slick road tires and without bottles (grey line).


The key to the Exploro’s speed is the aero downtube that is wide enough to catch the airflow coming off the big front tire (a skinny downtube wouldn’t even touch the airflow). But at 50mm wide, a full airfoil with a normal ratio would have to be 150-200mm deep, causing too much surface drag. So we square off the tail, keeping most of the aero performance with a 50x75mm cross section that is also close to perfect for strength and stiffness; our Sqaero shape. The wide downtube also effectively shields the water bottles.

We also use Sqaero on the headtube, seattube, seatstays and seatpost.


CLEAN PERFORMANCE: Internal cables, hoses and seatpost clamp clean up the frame aerodynamically and visually. Dedicated FlipTop cable guides are future-proof with in mechanical & electronic versions for single & double chainrings.


HANG LOOSE HANGER: Mounting a rear wheel with disc brake can be a pain, we make it easy. Forget the derailleur, focus on the disc, put the wheel in, slide thru the axle and hang the derailleur back with the wheel already securely in place.


SEATPOST EXPANDER: The original Exploro has a beautiful hidden expander, but a top-mounted expander is a bit more user-friendly so just like on the Strada, we now offer this design on the Exploro.

For frame specifications, component compatibility, clearances, etc, please check our EXPLORO FRAME SPECIFICATIONS. Geometry information is found below

Size S M L XL
Rider Height* (cm) 157-170 168-180 178-191 188-201
Rider Height* (inches) 5’2”-5’7” 5’6”-5’11” 5’10”-6’3” 6’2”-6’7”
Max. BB to saddle rail (mm)** 763 790 818 845
Stack 517 546 575 604
Reach 366 378 390 402
69.5 71.1 72.5 72.5
395 395 395 395
Fork rake 50 50 50 50
Front center 591 598 606 627
Rear center 415 415 415 415
BB drop 70 70 70 70
Headtube  101 125 150 180
Toptube  529 550 571 592
Seattube  463 490 518 545
72.5 72.5 72.5 72.5

* Rider heights are approximations. For more accuracy, compare stack/reach with your current bike or visit your 3T retailer.

** Note that most saddles add an additional 40mm from the rail to the top of the deck. shown here is the maximum height to the rail. 


3T Exploro