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Tune Ups

Full Cycle/Tune Up Bomber Tune
This tune up is a for a bike that needs a deep cleaning and install of new drivetrain components. It includes all Pint Tune services, plus the following: - Removal and deep clean chain, cassette - Brush clean Front & Rear derailleurs - Install of any new drivetrain components (parts additional)
Full Cycle/Tune Up Growler Overhaul
The Growler Overhaul is for all gravel and road cyclists in need of a serious overhaul. It includes all Bomber Tune services, plus the following: - Full brake bleeds (front & rear) - Handlebar wrap install (with purchase) - Remove and deep clean chain, cassette, cranks, front & rear derailleurs
Full Cycle/Tune Up Keg Overhaul
$499.00 - $549.00
The Keg Overhaul is for dialing in your mountain bike so you can hit the trails with the confidence of having a bike well tuned. Choose between Hard-Tail ($499) and Full-Suspension ($549). It includes all Growler Overhaul services, plus the following: - Annual Basic fork service - Basic shock service - Grips install (with purchase) (*) Suspension parts extra (**) Fork & shock labor charges are subject to price changes subject to parts & components
Full Cycle/Tune Up Pint Tune
This is your basic tune-up for a bike with newer cables & housing, and with no or newer suspension. It includes all the following services: - Wash bike - Inspect and adjust moving parts and bolts - Inspect frame and fork - Adjust derailleurs (front and rear) - Adjust brakes (front and rear) - Align wheels and inspect rims - Adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs - Brush clean chain and cassette - Lube chain, cables, and derailleur pivots
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