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Full Cycle/Tune Up Bike Maintenance Class Series
Our Maintenance Class Series will be held on seven consecutive Sundays (from 5:30pm to 8pm) beginning Sunday, February 5th: - Session 1: Introduction & Bicycle Basics (Sunday, February 5th) - Session 2: Inspection & Bike Settings (Sunday, February 12th) - Session 3: Wheels (Sunday, February 26th) - Session 4: Drivetrain (Sunday, March 12th) - Session 5: Shifting (Sunday, March 19th) - Session 6A: Shimano Brake Bleed (Saturday, March 25th @ 6:30pm) - class only includes one of the two systems. Take both session 6A & 6B for an additional $100. - Session 6B: Sram Brake Bleed (Sunday, March 26th) - class only includes one of the two systems. Take both session 6A & 6B for an additional $100) - Session 7: Final Touches (Sunday, April 2nd) The class will be held at Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport (2355 30th Street in Boulder, CO) and will feature our Service Writer Christoph Cikraji as the instructor. The cost for all 7 sessions is $500. NEW: Attend BOTH Shimano & SRAM Brake Bleeds classes for an additional $100. We will only have five spots this year to keep things personal and have opportunities for everyone to ask specifics about their bikes. >>> FULL CLASS DETAILS: Questions? Email or call 303-440-1002 Class Includes: 10% discount on all products at Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport (except bikes). Tuition must be paid up front to secure reservation. Tuition is not refundable, but can be used as store credit. Please see RELATED ITEMS below for a list of material we encourage all students to purchase (we will also have these available for purchase at the shop on the day of the class): - Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (BBB-4) - Pedro's L Hex Wrench Set (recommended upgrade: Wera 950/9 Hex-Plus SB L-Key Hex Wrench Set) - Park Tool Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench - Wera 467 TX HF 25 x 100mm T-Handle Torx Wrench
Full Cycle/Tune Up Growler Tune
The Growler Tune is for all gravel and road cyclists in need of more in-depth maintenance. It includes all Pint Tune services, plus the following: - Removal & deep clean of all drivetrain components - Install of any new drivetrain components (parts additional) - Full brake bleeds (front & rear) - Handlebar wrap / grip install (with purchase)
Full Cycle/Tune Up Intro to Bike Anatomy & Roadside Repairs
This year, we're expanding our bike maintenance & bike mechanic classes, to include a weekly recurring 2 hours long "Intro to Bike Anatomy & Roadside Repairs" class. In this class we will cover: - Bike anatomy - Pedal installation & removal - Wheel installation & removal - Fix a flat - Basic tubeless repair Class is limited to 5 students. Pick your preferred date from the dropdown above. More classes coming soon! For any further questions regarding this class, please email
Full Cycle/Tune Up Keg Overhaul
$499.00 - $549.00
The Keg Overhaul is for dialing in your mountain bike so you can hit the trails with the confidence of having a bike well tuned. Choose between Hard-Tail ($499) or Full-Suspension ($549). It includes all Sixtel Overhaul services, plus the following: - Annual basic fork service (Air spring & lower leg service) - Rear shock air can service (full-suspension only) * All parts are extra.
Full Cycle/Tune Up Pint Tune
This is your basic tune-up for a bike with newer cables & housing, and with no or newer suspension. It includes all the following services: - Wash bike - Inspect and adjust moving parts and bolts - Inspect frame and fork - Adjust derailleurs (front and rear) - Adjust brakes (front and rear) - True wheels and inspect rims - Adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs - Brush clean chain and cassette - Lube chain, cables, and derailleur pivots
Full Cycle/Tune Up Sixtel Overhaul
The Sixtel Overhaul is for all gravel and road cyclists in need of a serious overhaul. It includes all Growler Tune services, plus the following: - Overhaul headset, bottom bracket, and hub bearings - Cables & housing install (parts additional) - Advanced wheel true
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