Full cycle women's adventure team

Starting in 2019 Full Cycle will be sponsoring a select group of Colorado women to support a year of Adventure riding. The goal is to create a small community of rad women doing rad things. What is rad though? Each woman on the team is going to determine how she will represent by choosing from races, charity rides, adventure riding missions, blog posts or social media, and other events. They will also be leading group rides, participating in charity events, seminars, teaching sessions, or donating time to charitable groups. We want to create a small tight-knit group that is supporting each individuals efforts through training partners, sharing of knowledge, and physical presence at events. This team will not be simply a way to sponsor personal motivations or a strict race schedule, but rather a unique schedule of events and have full encouragement and buy-in from the team.

Shelley hartman

In 1990, I arrived in Boulder fresh out of college and handed over my beach cruiser and surf board in exchange for a mountain bike and alpine skis. At that time my riding partners were strictly male, and I quickly learned if I wanted to go out and “play” I had to keep up. After a few years I figured, “If they can race, why don’t I?”  That question started me down the road of competitive cycling.


Over the years, I have switched back and forth from competitive mountain biking to road racing, have participated in triathlons, gravel grinders and grand fondos. I've focused primarily on road racing, and dabbled in Cyclocross during the “off season”, along with taking on a variety of different adventures to keep me outdoors throughout the year. I'm very enthusiastic and love leading rides, assisting as a Liv Ambassador, participating as a volunteer coach in the Women’s Cycling Camps, ACA Jr. Road & CX Camps, and Boulder Junior Cycling Team rides. I'm an avid volunteer in many charities & athletic activities, help run numerous cycling boards, and run my Professional Organizing Business, Simply Persnickety. It’s rare to see me sitting down!

I returned to competitive road cycling 6 years ago, when I was invited to join TheCyclist-Lawyer.Com Team, when getting my foot wet with a handful of Sprint triathlons. After being a supportive “cyclist wife” to my husband, Jeff Hartman, a highly competitive road racer, now for the last 19 years, and to my 15 year old son for the last 13 yrs, I decided to take all that I had learned on the sidelines and group rides, and put my knowledge to use. I enjoy the dynamics of camaraderie, racing,  team tactics, and being a mentor. My foundation will enable me to be a strong racer in the master’s category and be a supportive teammate and director for The Full Cycle Women’s Women’s Team.


What Shelley hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

Taking my passion for organizing, along w/all my cycling experience, I believe I can be a great leader, supporter, cheerleader, and student with our new FCWAT! I'm truly looking forward to comradery, pushing beyond personal boundaries with teammates, giving back to the community, being a part of a great support system, and taking on amazing life adventures together.

Angie Michalik

I've lived in Colorado a decade now, by way of Chicago and raised an Iowa girl. A bikepacking trip at age 16 cemented my love for cycling. For 20 years, post-college, I've tried the gamut of racing - triathlons of all distances, Xterra, running, adventure racing, urban challenges, and cycling - enjoying it all but succeeding the most in team time trials (2-person/4-person), team pursuit at the track, and cyclocross in Chicago.

After Ironman racing for 5 seasons, I switched back to Sprint triathlon racing with my husband and went to the ITU World Championships twice in two years. After a break to start a family (5 and 7yo), I'm back to racing primarily still Sprints.

What Angie hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

Comradery with a group of strong enthusiastic motivated ladies that are eager to ride, race, train, and push themselves and not always just for the perfect picture.

Sandy Holt

Hi, my name is Sandy. Adventure and athletics have always been a part of my life. I grew up in a household of athletes and outdoorsman. I played a wide range of sports and spent a lot of my youth camping with my family. I have been a competitive triathlete since 2005, specializing in long-distance racing. I have 16 Ironman finishes and 18 70.3 finishes under my belt, with my top races being at the Ironman World Championship in 2015, Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2009, 2010, & 2017, and the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in 2018. Today, in addition to triathlon, I enjoy all types of cycling from road to dirt, hiking, and yoga. I am also a proud mom to a very special 13-year-old Labrador named Hitch.

I recently relocated to Boulder to work as a Senior Research Analyst for RRC Associates, a market research and data analysis firm. I also have an entrepreneurial personality and spirit with over 7 years’ direct experience of small business ownership, operation, and management. I’m COO, Head Coach and Athlete Performance Analyst for Triattic, LLC an online triathlon coaching company.

What Sandy hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

As a new resident of Boulder, I hope to gain new friendships among a group of amazing women on the FCWAT team and look forward to getting involved and volunteering my time in the community.

Sharon Allpress

I've always loved to ride bikes, starting when I was a kid on my light blue Ross 10-speed. As kids we would cut trails in the woods behind my house and see how fast we could ride the loop on our 10-speeds. I also spent hours attempting to ride around the 1 mile loop of my neighborhood without touching the handlebars, until one day I finally did it. It built some solid bike handling. 

Fast forward through years of competitive soccer, rugby, skiing and rock climbing I found myself back on a bike riding the Horsetooth reservoir dam climbs rehab'ing a torn up ankle. This rekindled the fun of cycling and I spent the next 15 years mtb and road racing throughout the country. 

After one too many crashes and surgeries, I retired from that to focus on my career and kids. With my 5 year old daughter now tearing it up on her bike, its the right time to slowly working my way back into fitness and having some fun along the way with this awesome team.

What Sharon hopes to get out of FCWAT this year: 

I hope to participate in some fun events with a team of like minded ladies who want to have fun and compete hard!

Michelle Moore

I grew up playing soccer. Team sports were all I really knew. It wasn't until I moved to Chicago that I fell into endurance sports. First it was marathons, then triathlons for 13 years - which lead me to my one and only journey to the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin in 2008. Shortly thereafter, and four marathons later, I decided cycling is where I wanted to spend more time. I started racing criteriums in 2011 and fell in love with them. After a few years I found cyclocross and used that mainly as a means to keep my fitness through the fall and winter. Then I got competitive and actually started doing well! I've done a handful of century rides, gran fondo NY and some gravel rides in the last few years. Having done the big city life in Chicago for nearly 17 years, it was time to answer the call of the mountains. I moved to Colorado just over two years ago and know this is where I'll be for the long haul! I've taken a bit of a hiatus from the competitive side of cycling, and after a recent knee ACL reconstruction I think the hiatus will last a bit longer than planned. I have some goals for 2019, one of which is to climb the Haleakala crater (for the 2nd time) in Maui this fall with my boyfriend - climbing from sea level to 10,000+ feet!

What Michelle hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

I'm really looking forward to getting to know more people in the Boulder-area. I moved here about a year ago, and haven't had too many riding buddies since I arrived. Having a strong group of women to not only ride with, but call my new friends would be an incredible 2019 gift.

Catie Caywood

I have always been drawn to adventures, whether in the form of creative or athletic endeavors. I grew up on a lake in Gettysburg, PA and spent my summers in the water, swimming, waterskiing and wakeboarding. I played nearly every sport in school, was a competitive gymnast, and very much involved in the visual arts and music. In 1995, I headed to Fort Collins, CO to pursue a degree in Fine Arts at CSU. This was the perfect setting to cultivate my creative and active lifestyle. I played soccer, became hooked on rock climbing, and enjoyed exploring the outdoors as inspiration for my artwork and athletic pursuits. Twenty four years later I am still here in CO having the time of my life. I’ve been teaching art, competing in triathlons, open water swims, and running for the past seventeen years. I have finished four Ironman distance triathlons and many Chesapeake Bay Swim crossings with the company of my dad. I have also completed the Horsetooth 10K Swim three times. I continue to be passionate about doing a little bit of everything, from surfing and yoga to biking or hiking a 14er, and I’m always up for the next adventure!

What Catie hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

I’m mostly excited about being part of a group of like minded women. Looking forward to meeting new training partners, making new friends, and having the opportunity to positively impact our local community.

Barb Blok

I grew up on a fruit farm in Michigan and spent winters Nordic skiing the nearby woods with my siblings, which fueled my life-long desire to spend time outdoors.  My claim to fame in high school was that I was on the boys’ basketball team, but as the team statistician– that was a great gig!  A high school injury during cross country started me on the road to cycling.  Much of my young adult life was spent in school (Michigan State University, University of Michigan, John Hopkins University) in route to a career as an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Colorado Hospital and Associate Residency Program Director for the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine. I enjoy teaching Wilderness Medicine and continue to use cycling, running, hiking, and Nordic skiing to stay healthy, get outside, and decompress my busy life.  From hunkering down in a too-small tent during a 24-hour blizzard on Mount Rainier, mountain biking the San Juan Mountains during some of the worst mud on record, or running 27 miles of an ultra-marathon with a sprained ankle, I am up for adventures that involve a (little) bit of suffering.

What Barb hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

I joined the Full Cycle Women’s Adventure Team to spend time outside with a group of interesting and strong women.

Leah Lemke

I was born in Colorado, raised in Iowa and moved back to Colorado as soon as I could after graduating from the University of Iowa.  I bought my first ‘real’ road bike in 2008 and immediately signed up for RAGBRAI.  Then, I decided to give triathlons a try, so I learned how to swim and completed a couple of sprint triathlons in 2009, an Olympic distance triathlon in 2010, and was hooked. Over the next seven years, my triathlon journey took me to the finish line of three Ironman races and six half Ironman races.  In 2017, I injured my back and have had to step away from running and triathlons and now my main focus is riding bikes, especially on gravel/dirt roads.  I participated in four gravel endurance races last year, including DK100 and Crusher in the Tushar.  This year I will be taking on the Belgian Waffle Ride, DK200, Crusher in the Tushar, SBT GRVL, and Rebecca’s Private Idaho. 

What Leah hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

I am somewhat new to Boulder (lived in Denver until late 2017) and joined FCWAT to meet other women in Boulder who love to ride bikes and seek out adventures.

Leah Emaus 

Hi, my name is Leah! I grew up in Upstate New York and have recently moved to Boulder, CO. Athletics have always been a part of my life. I spent the majority of my childhood running around on a soccer field, swimming laps in the pool, water skiing on Lake Ontario, hiking in the Adirondacks, biking around the Fingerlakes, and skiing bumps about every weekend at Bristol Mountain. Let’s just say, my family wasn’t one to sit still. We were always in the mini-van on the move! That “go,go,go” mentality and competitive up-bringing has certainly influenced my lifestyle and has taught me healthy habits. With that, I pursued my soccer career playing DI at West Virginia University winning five consecutive BIG12 Conference titles. A decision to graduate a semester early, I went on to road trip to Colorado with my dad as co-pilot. We spent about four months eating PB&J’s on chairlifts, skiing as much vertical as we could just to wake up the next day to do it all over again… we were the definition of “ski bums”. While in Colorado, I decided to compete in a couple SkiCross competitions which later earned me a World Cup start on the US team as well as winning the US National Championship in 2017. After the season, I decided to move to Boulder because of everything it has to offer; it is truly THE PLACE for anything outdoorsy! With all the cycling, nordic/downhill skiing, hiking/running in the area, I have certainly kept busy and enjoy all the adventures. Triathlon has now become a focus of mine as I will be racing my first Ironman this year!

What Leah hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

I’m really excited to be a part of this team as it brings all sorts of talent together from a wide range of activities. I’m looking forward to training and racing with a group of strong, like-minded women in the area who want to have fun as well as be involved in the active community we live in.

Noemi Leick

I started cycling at the age of 33. That was 3 years ago. I got two parts down: pedaling and suffering. Everything else is still a learning curve or in exploration. I rode a little bit of cyclocross last fall. I tried riding on the track once last summer. And I now have a mountain bike (as of last week). I love being outside...night hikes are very popular in my world, kayaking and whitewater river rafting are a big hit, too.

What Noemi hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

Get better at cycling in general by riding all of the different bikes that I have recently tried. Get to know other outdoor enthusiasts and cheer on my teammates in their personal endeavors in the outdoors.

Rebecca Monahan

I grew up on a farm and riding a bike was primary means of transportation to get to the barn where the real fun of riding horses began. when i moved to boulder in 1990, i learned that real fun could also be had on two wheels, not just four hooves. i went out and bought a steel frame, no suspension mountain bike and promptly tacoed the front wheel on the first descent at walker ranch. bruised but not deterred, i kept at it. now i love riding my bike in all sorts of ways: on the boulder creek path to work, at the valmont bike park with my twins, on the roads and trails of colorado with my friends and on international cycling trips with my husband.

What Rebecca hopes to get out of FCWAT this year:

i'm thrilled to be a member of fcwat and looking forward to many athletic adventures with this group of fun and supportive teammates. with full cycle's technical expertise and teammates' encouragement, I'm hoping to talkle some longer and more remote mountain rides, and hopefully not taco any tires in the process