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Whether it’s your very first road bike or an addition to the stable, outfitting yourself and your bike with the right accessories & apparel makes your road riding experience safer and more enjoybale. Explore our top recommendations for indispensable road cycling gear. 

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Man shopping for helmet

Bike Helmets

Safety first, fun second. Look, it’s actually pretty safe out there, but you never know what’s around the next bend. Modern helmets are more protective and comfortable than ever and are styled to fit every rider’s personal preferences. Also, it’s good to replace your helmet every 3-5 years to ensure it works as designed when you need it.

Repair Kit

Being prepared for the inevitable flat tire will not only get you back in the saddle quicker, but also save you from walking or calling for a pickup. A simple repair kit includes tire levers, a spare tube, a patch kit, a CO2 cartridge, and a pump. It all packs into a fist-size roll you can attach under your seat or carry in your bag or jersey pocket.

Man shopping for tools


You''re made up of 70% water. Riding your bike is great exercise, so you might lose some of that precious water to perspiration. This is especially true when it''s hot out, but don''t forget to hydrate even in the cold. Water bottles, bottle cages, and electrolytes will keep you hydrated to you can ride longer. 

Woman riding bike with head light

Bike Lights

Being visible on the road is critical. When the sun goes down especially, you’ll need to illuminate your path and make sure you’re visible to others on the road. Studies have found that daytime running lights improve visibility in all conditions, so there’s never a bad time to shine.

Woman riding bike with head light


Improve your efficiency, comfort, and control with a new set of road pedals. Clipless pedals improve your efficiency and power transfer by making use of your full pedal stroke. 

Woman riding bike with head light


Road bike shoes have stiffer soles and accommodate cleats for clipless pedals. They are sleek and stiff, and are meant to optimize power transfer to the pedals. 

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Bike lock

Bike Locks

You’re going to love riding your bike. You’ll have so much fun pedaling around that you might start to look for excuses to ride: groceries, coffee, even your commute to work or school. When you need to leave your precious ride unattended, you’ll want to be sure to lock it to something sturdy.

Woman shopping for cycling jersey

Cycling Clothing

Road cycling apparel includes specific features that increase comfort and versatility. Jerseys made from stretchy fabrics with a zippered front help regulate body temperature while rear pockets hold ride essentials like snacks or a repair kit. Shorts and bibs are also made from stretchy fabrics and typically include padding in the seat — called a chamois — to reduce discomfort on long rides.


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