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About Full Cycle Bikes

Full Cycle started in 1982 as a Co-Op in the back of a grocery store on Pearl Street. We moved up to The Hill in 1985 and have been there ever since. We opened our Pearl Street shop in 2006. We pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable and caring staff in town. Our mission from the beginning has been to make our customers as happy as possible; whether that means helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible, getting you set up on a new bike, or just shooting the breeze. Anytime you need us we'll be here for you!

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We know how big of a deal buying a new bike is! For that reason we want you to feel as comfortable, and be as happy as possible!

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your bike. If anything is not sitting right after your purchase we will assist you in any way we can, or you are free to return the bike within 30 days of the purchase.

Lifetime of free adjustments

Brakes, derailleurs, and other components will need to be adjusted once in awhile to keep everything running smoothly. All of these adjustments will be done at no extra cost to you.

Free 30-day checkup

After 30 days we will go back through every aspect of your bike to make sure it's running like new.

15% off accessories on the day of purchase

We understand that purchasing a new bike is an investment. We would like to help you with any accessories you had in mind.

Size Fit Guarantee

We will make sure to get you fit on your new bike so that you can ride in comfort. If you aren't happy with your fit after a couple rides we will be more than happy to make adjustments for you.

value guarantee

If any Colorado based retailer has the same bike in stock for a lower price, we'll match it. 


Synchrony financing  & flexible layaway plans.


Bike thieves suck! That's why we have integrated our point-of-sale with Bike Index, the largest bike  registry in the world, by which over 5,000+ stolen bikes have been recovered worldwide. 

Once you purchase your bike, we automatically upload its serial number and your email address to the portal. In the hopefully unlikely event your bicycle is stolen, you can report it as stolen, which alerts the community, local authorities, and other partners, all of which hopefully leads to getting your bike back!

Kids Grow Fast. We’re Here to Help. 

Our Kids’ Bike Trade-Up Program is simple - invest with us in a quality bike today, and bring it back to us when your child is ready for the next size. We’ll take it in and give you 20% off a new kids’ bike (up to 24" wheels). This program is valid until your child is ready for an adult bike!  The bike must have been purchased from Full Cycle after 2015.

We will also take 10% off  a new kids bike if you bring in another kids bike (24” wheel or smaller) if you purchased your bike elsewhere, or from Full Cycle in 2015 or earlier. 


Years of experience. Up-front estimates. Guaranteed workmanship.