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Full Cycle/Tune Up Keg Overhaul

Full Cycle/Tune Up Keg Overhaul
$449.00 - $549.00
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The Keg Overhaul is for dialing in your mountain bike so you can hit the trails with the confidence of having a bike well tuned.

Choose between Full-Rigid ($449), Hard-Tail ($499), or Full-Suspension ($549).

It includes all Growler Overhaul services, plus the following:

- ?Bearing overhaul / replacement
- Annual Basic fork service
- Basic shock service

(*) Suspension parts extra

(**) Fork & shock labor charges are subject to price changes subject to parts & components

  • Use code WINTER15 at checkout to save $54 (hardtail) or $60 (full-suspension)

  • Use code WINTER25 at checkout to receive a $100 gift card 

Must purchase & work performed by March 15, 2021.