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Neoprene Accessories

Orca Neoprene Short
$71.20 - $89.00 $89.00 Up to 20% Off
The new Neoprene Shorts provide even more buoyancy than previous versions, thanks to the new Aerodome panels. The accessory you need to achieve proper positioning in the water and improve your swimming technique. INCREASED BUOYANCY These 4mm thick shorts feature Aerodome panels providing the swimmer with 30% more buoyancy. FLEXIBILITY The side panels provide needed flexibility to help you with rotation and provide freedom of movement. COMFORT The adjustable waist allows you to adjust these shorts to a perfect fit.
Orca Openwater Swim Glove
The Gloves Complete The Outfit Orca's Openwater Swim Gloves utilize liquid seams which prevent water from seeping into the panels, protecting your hands in the coldest conditions. With a 3mm thickness and an ergonomic pattern, these gloves perfectly conform to the hand's natural positioning while swimming in open water. The Openwater gloves are made with 3mm thick neoprene, along with a highly elastic inner lining for a better fit while an extra-long cuff pattern allows the gloves to overlap with the wetsuit for better insulation. Features: - Liquid seams prevent water from seeping into the panel - 3mm neoprene construction - Highly elastic inner lining creates a snug fit - Extra-long cuff patterning overlaps w/ wetsuit for maximum insulation
Orca Swim Sock
This cold-water accessory will help keep your feet insulated from the cold so you can swim comfortably for longer. WARMTH With a 2.5 mm neoprene construction, this accessory provides great insulation from the cold. COMFORT The high-quality lining provides comfort when swimming. **This accessory should be worn under a neoprene wetsuit to prevent water entry.
Orca Thermal Neoprene Swim Cap - One Size
$22.50 $45.00 50% Off
This neoprene cap offers extra thermal insulation. Thanks to its 3 mm thick neoprene and thermal lining, it allows you to enjoy swimming in even the coldest waters. EXTRA WARMTH The thermal lining provides added warmth, helping to trap extra heat and avoid heat loss throughout your workout. COMFORT The Velcro chin strap allows you to adjust the cap to the shape of your head, providing our most comfortable cap. In addition, the soft thermal lining provides added comfort, preventing chafing which is common with these types of accessories.
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