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Full Cycle/Tune Up Full Cycle Pint Glass
Get yourself a pint glass from your favorite bike shop & taproom for your post-ride celebrations!
Full Cycle/Tune Up 80027 STRONG Tune Up Pint Glass by Shimano
All proceeds from pint glass sales will be donated to the Marshall Fire Family Relief Fund 501c3 ( Buy a glass, get Happy Hour pricing at the bar. Big thanks to Shimano for the collaboration.
Full Cycle/Tune Up
For to Pedal is a visual representation of some of the wonderful spots in the Boulder, CO-area foothills to stop in for a coffee or a snack, and includes some of the cycling route options to get there. Mostly, it is meant as an artistic view of the places I tend to find myself visiting while riding my bicycle. Each of the 100 copies is printed in a risograph machine, which lays down each color in individual passes. This means that each book is one of a kind. We hope it inspires your next adventure.
Full Cycle/Tune Up Mann University Leadership & Management 3-Day Training Course
*** SIGN UP BY DECEMBER 15: SAVE $250! *** Mann University Leadership & Management 3-Day Training Course Dates: January 4 - 6, 2023 (Wednesday to Friday) Location: Umpqua Feather Merchants (594 S. Arthur Avenue. Louisville, CO - 80027). Details: The Mann Group will present a three-day Mann University Leadership and Management Course for Full Cycle & Colorado Multisport, open for all local outdoor & cycling industry leaders to join. Topics will include: - Securing Buy-in and resolving conflict - Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied - Personal Communication style assessment - Understanding motivation and driving forces - JWD Discussions/Difficult conversations Hiring - Recruiting and Interview skills More Details: Before one can lead others, one must first lead themselves. This isn't some Hollywood proverb, it's the foundation of leadership and this Mann U course. Over three days, the instructor will establish each students' leadership aptitudes and identify the best ways to adapt those abilities to their business. The course also details the nitty-gritty of your position as a manager or owner - like hiring, employee motivation, and communication - and outlines your approach for doing them well. Through experiential simulation, students practice their new techniques, ensuring they are prepared to implement them back at their business, where they will cultivate a new environment of accountability. Key Deliverables: - Understanding of personal leadership style - DISC assessment - Key strategies of successful leadership - Successful, replicable hiring tactics - Employee selection criteria - interviewing strategies - Keys for motivating employees and cultivating accountability - Refining listening skills - Obstacles and tactics for effective feedback - Mastery of JWD (Job Worth Doing/Job Well Done) - Implementation support Course will begin at 9AM on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Plan to arrive by Tuesday evening, January 3rd.
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