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by Pete Cahalane & Becca Brough

Most people can remember back to the first time they rode a bike.  Whether it was gaining freedom, hanging out with friends, or exploring new places. The excitement and joy of riding is what keeps us coming back for more. This love of cycling starts pure, yet it’s easy for this to be overcome by our need for accomplishments and accolades.

We can quickly shift our love of cycling into an obsession of progress.  This can be in the form of racing, chasing Strava segments, or thinking more is always better. Can you think of a ride that you loved but you're now doing because you feel like you have to or that you have to improve on it? It's ok to have goals and to be driven, but it's also important to remember what makes you happy.  Check in with yourself, switch it up, and take a day off (yes, a full day off). 

After weeks of specific training, we opted to take our own advice and went in search of adventure! After a little planning we stumbled upon new off-road riding and headed  to the mountains.  The weekends objectives: Exploration, excitement, and being open to the unknown. So we pedaled uphill and rode whatever looked fun.

Our first ride started south out of Breckenridge and over Boreas pass. There were no QOM's\KOM's to be chased, rather our focus was on gorgeous mountain vistas and taking in the scenery. With this in mind the summit sprung upon us in no time.

Our second ride took us out our front door and up a beautiful Keystone Canyon. The road through Montezuma started with ideal dirt roads which quickly deteriorated into rugged ATV terrain. While we didn't reach our intended goal we still never stopped enjoying the ride.


Our reasoning to change our path was simple, to bring us back to why we ride. The outcome was nothing short of spectacular. Climb your mountains, chase your goals but NEVER STOP ENJOYING THE RIDE.

Pete Cahalane & Becca Brough


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