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Tours & Experiences

Discover the Colorado Outdoors by Bike
(Tours offered April through October)

Colorado is an outdoor adventure paradise—come ride some of our favorite routes with us at Full Cycle and Colorado Multisport and we will show you why we love this place so much.

Our guides bring years of experience riding some of the toughest terrain in the world. Boulder has some of the most iconic riding and we’re ready to meet your goals and your ambitions. Whether you’re looking for your dream ride or looking to improve your skills, we are here to show you a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

What does your Colorado bike adventure look like?

City Tour

An easy exploratory ride to explore the town of Boulder by bike or electric bike (pedal assist). 

The pace will be conversational allowing you to just relax, ride your bike, and embrace the outdoors.

Tour time: up to 2 hours

Road Tour

Rolling hills north of town or sweeping canyon climbs, Boulder has everything you can dream of and we can't wait to show you.

The nature of this ride is a consistent effort that will leave you ready for the best burrito Boulder can serve up after!

Tour time: up to 3 hours

Gravel Tour

Get off the tarmac and venture out to explore Boulder's gravel!

From fire roads to open space, Boulder has so much to offer when it comes to dirt and we love it.

Route options available to suit all levels.

Tour time: up to 3 hours

MTB Tour

Explore the maze of mountain bike trails and flowy single-track surrounding Boulder. If you are looking for beginner or expert terrain, we can certainly show you the ropes!

Route options available to suit all levels.

Tour time: up to 3 hours


Private 1 Person

2-3 Persons

4+ Persons

City Tour$99$65$55
Road Tour$199$119$99
Gravel Tour$199$119$99
MTB Tour$299$139$99
Corporate Event
 *call to book*call to book*call to book
Child (14 & under)
*call to book
*call to book
*call to book

What's Included with our Bike Tours?

Private Guide

Each tour provides an experienced guide to show  you and your group the best of Boulder by bike. 

Pre-Ride Coffee

Got Caffeine? Get fueled before you head out for your ride.


We gotta protect our noggins!


We have all the pedals to choose from so if you would like to lighten your load when traveling, just let us know what you ride. If you choose to bring your own, no problem. We will install them at your time of arrival.

Flat Kit

Flats happen! Each bike will have a spare tube, Co2 cartridge, inflator, and tire lever. If you've never fixed a flat, don't worry - your guide will help you.

Water & Ride Snacks

Sweet, savory, spicy? Each bike will have water and your choice of ride snacks.

Post-Ride Drink

You earned it!

Photo Gallery

Want to capture the beautiful and fun moments, but don't know how to ride one-handed? We got you covered as our guides will photograph your Boulder experience and share the photos with you after!

What's Not Included with the Bike Tours?

Rental Bikes

Tours do NOT include rental bikes. You will receive 20% off your rental when booked with a tour. 

*Book your rentals here.

*Subject to availability

Extra Gear

Sometimes we forget things. That's why we have a fully-equipped bike shop with any gear you may need.

Self Guided Tours

New to the area? Not sure what route to choose? Unsure of where to ride? Look no further than our self guided tours!

Add a Wahoo Elemnt to any rental for an additional $30.

Turn-by-turn directions and mapping on all headunits so you won't get lost. They come pre-loaded with local routes ranging from 5-100miles, so you can just click and go.

Gravel group ride north of Boulder
Group climb up to the top of Mount Evans - 14,000ft!
Weekly Flagstaff Friday climb
Our shop rides are popular every week!
Riding along Marshall Mesa
Best view of the Flatirons on Marshall Mesa's singletrack
Riders enjoying Whitey's homemade pie and an espresso up in Gold Hill
Descent of Lee Hill Canyon Road
Lunch break at the foot of the Flatirons in Chautauqua Park
Rolling Plains Road Ride


Send us an email at or call the shop at (303) 440-1002 during our regular business hours.