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by Anton Krupicka

6h 55'' 36" | 91 miles |  12k ft elevation | 14k feet summit

Today I rode my bike to Longs Peak, ran up and down it, and rode home. I tried to go fast. It was hard and pretty darn uncomfortable just about the whole way. Nearly 7hr is a long time to push. Managed to squeak the Longs Peak Duathlon FKT down to 6h55 (editor''s note: Anton had set the original Longs Peak Duathlon FKT in 2018, which you can read about here). 

This kind of thing is easy to dismiss as a silly game, but what I think is not silly is taking a crack at something that you know will be hard, the outcome is not certain, and committing to trying your best regardless.

This is obviously the full file, including my stops at Lucky''s and Ideal on the way home. Start/stop Boulder City Limits sign, which is basically exactly the old Busstop. Goddamn that was very unpleasant, especially Lyons to Boulder at the end.

Full route and activity here.


  • 36 corner, 29:15
  • lyons bridge, 34:35
  • peak2peak, 1:45
  • allenspark, 2:03:45
  • longs peak driveway, 2:26:10
  • Bustop to LPTH: 2:34-flat
  • Left TH: 2:40
  • 1:37:47 up, 44:51 down 
  • goblin, 13:40
  • bridge, 18:10
  • treeline, 28:20
  • trail, 48:55
  • MLW, 1:00:15
  • base cables, 1:25
  • top cables, 1:26:45
  • SUMMIT, 1:37:47
  • top cables, 5:15
  • bottom cables, 6:30
  • MLW, 18:20
  • trail, 21:30ish
  • treeline, 31:30ish
  • bridge, 36:05
  • TH, 44:51
  • back at TH: 5:02:38 for a 2:22:38 roundtrip.
  • back on bike, 5:09
  • allenspark, 5:31
  • peak2peak, 5:45
  • lyons bridge, 6:14:45
  • 36 corner, 6:19
  • LPTH to Bustop, 1:46:36

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