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BOULDER Liv Ambassador

Shelley Hartman

Riding is my form of breathing; in and out. Being on a bike brings a smile to my face, even when it's masked by a grimace as I'm struggling. Cycling is my stress reliever, and my opportunity to enjoy food without too much guilt. My bikes are my friends. I apologize, pat them as I pass by, and tell them we’ll be together soon, when work keeps us apart. Cycling is my way to meet new friends, empower women on bikes, and also share my passion for health, happiness, and the great outdoors! 

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The Liv Ambassador Program is extended to women across the country seeking to develop the women’s cycling community through the Liv brand and their local Liv retailer. These women act as a liaison of the Liv brand in their region and will lead rides, give informational clinics and act as a go-to resource for Liv and general cycling related information. We are thrilled and privileged to have Shelley Hartman as our Liv ambassador for the fourth year running. 

what has shelley been up to during covid-19?