Local Clubs

Trail access in Boulder is near and dear to our hearts.  You should join at least one of these clubs.

Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance—Great communities build trails, and great trails build community. That’s the mission of Boulder Mountainbike Alliance – to improve the trail experience for everyone in Boulder County, Colorado through social rides and events, advocacy, and trail building.  Plus they have great trail maps.  If you mountain bike in Boulder County, you should join BMA.

Venus de Miles Bike Club  
Venus de Miles Women’s Bike Club
 – best bike club on the planet.  Why? because it’s our woman’s club of course.

Other Local Clubs:
Seniors on Bikes – The Boulder, CO Seniors on Bikes welcome anyone who enjoys cycling with a group. We have 2 rides each Wednesday & Friday morning year-round, weather permitting. You can request membership using the link on the homepage, or by sending an email to SeniorsOnBikes+subscribe@groups.io.