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Gravel riding means different things depending on who you ask: from all-around riding to racing to touring, it truly is a reflection of your style and ambitions. Browse below our top recommendations and staff favorites for indispensable gear to get you out there to find adventure, no matter where that might be. 

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Bike Helmets

Protecting your head is the number one priority. Modern helmets are more protective and comfortable than ever and are styled to fit every rider’s personal preferences. Also, it’s good to replace your helmet every 3-5 years to ensure it works as designed when you need it.

bags & tools

Bike adventures require the right tools and the right bags to carry all your gear. The gnarlier the terrain, the higher the chance of getting flats and other mechanicals. The last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere!


Tires are your contact to the ground, and are critical to enhancing your riding experience. Knobbier tires offer more grip but have higher rolling resistance, while slicker tires are faster but less grippy. Here are our top choices. 


You''re made up of 70% water. Riding your bike is great exercise, so you might lose some of that precious water to perspiration. This is especially true when it''s hot out, but don''t forget to hydrate even in the cold. Water bottles, bottle cages, and electrolytes will keep you hydrated to you can ride longer. 

Bike Lights

Being visible on the bike is critical. When the sun goes down especially, you’ll need to illuminate your path and make sure you’re visible to others. Studies have found that daytime running lights improve visibility in all conditions, so there’s never a bad time to shine.


Improve your efficiency, comfort, and control with a new set of off-road pedals. Clipless pedals improve your efficiency and power transfer by making use of your full pedal stroke. 


Gravel shoes are a compromise between lightweight & stiffness and durability & walkability. They strike a balance between optimizing power transfer to the pedals and walking on rugged terrain for that inevitable hike-a-bike!

GRAVEL Clothing

While there is no such thing as "gravel clothing" the way you dress on your bike adventures is a reflection of your personality. Some choose for a more casual loose-fitting MTB-style apparel & gear, while others are more "roadie"-oriented, opting for a more performance-oriented look.


Let us help you find the gear you need to ride on the road safely, healthy, and happy!