The Crew

Nic Bonner – Service

Nic started building bikes for Full Cycle this spring and is now a full time mechanic. Originally from Colorado Springs, Nic grew up in Denver and moved to Boulder this spring. Nic is a great mechanic and is a well known rider in the BMX community.


Steve Cepek – Sales

Steve, who also goes by “Stove” or “Six Pack” is originally from a little town just south of Cleveland, Ohio called Brunswick and has lived in the Boulder area since 1998, living now in Nederland. He rides mostly mountain bikes but loves road, track, cyclo-cross and touring, as well as motor cycles. Steve has spent most of what he’s earned since starting to work at 14 on bikes and parts. Strange fact: He can do a track stand for a really long time.

Ryan Cheney – Sales

Ryan Cheney a.k.a. “RC” grew up in southeast Michigan riding and racing mountain bikes there until moving to Colorado in 2004.  He’s worked in the bike industry since 2002 and at Full Cycle since 2005.  He’s been a certified professional bike fitter since 2007 performing over 1,500 bike fits.  He loves mountain biking and also rides a bike to work, rain or shine.  He spends much of his free time building custom wood furniture rocking out on the drum set and exploring on his mountain bike.  Some of his past mountain bikes had nicknames, like “Apollo the Off Road Supernova” and “Symphony of Destruction” but he has yet to think of one for his current steed.

Bennett Colburn – Sales

Bennett grew up in Golden, Colorado racing Downhill and Enduro. In 2014 he moved to Boulder to attend CU and joined Full Cycle in 2015. He still races downhill for the CU Cycling and was on the 2014 CU Collegiate National Championship team but mainly rides mountain bikes for fun nowadays. When off the bike, he skis in the winter and in the summer you can find him at Valmont Bike Park volunteering for the CU Short track series every Wednesday.

Jaime Jacoby – Sales

Jaime “Goodtimes” Jacoby grew has been with Full Cycle since 2010. She grew up in Gettysburg, PA where she learned to poach federal lands on her mountain bike. She started road biking in 2002, shortly before she moved to Boulder in 2005. She has a Political Science degree. Jaime also enjoys playing Legos with her 3 year-old son, as well as XC and backcountry skiing, running, hiking, reading, push-ups, and walking pit bulls. Jamie once did Super Long’s and is double-jointed in the elbows.

James Keller – Service

James Keller has worked in service for Full Cycle for many years and is the instructor for our popular bike maintenance classes, which we hold periodically. James will teach you what you really need to know and is not hung up on “old school” painful and difficult ways to maintain and repair your bike. James is originally from Buffalo, NY.

Joe Kuhfahl – Service

Joe recently moved to Boulder from the New Jersey shore and lived for a few months in Costa Rica. He raced BMX starting at age 5 and was 13th in the nation when he was 12. Joe started working in a bike shop at age 15 and then spent over 2 years as a mortician before deciding to get back into a more lively business! He’s now into mountain biking and commutes daily by bike to our Pearl store.

Nick Leng – Service

Nick grew up in New Hampshire and later Atlanta where he became a bike mechanic in 2005.  He moved to Boulder in 2012, originally part time for Full Cycle and has tried his hand at brewing, as well. Nick now joins us full time for the summer.  He’s a big fan of music and skiing. He plays drums and sings in local music venues, loves mountain biking and enjoys commuting, and once road a century on a fixed gear!

Tom Morlock – Service

Tom started in the bike industry at age 11 washing service parts for his parents who have owned and operated a bike shop in North Dakota since 1980. He moved to Boulder in 2006 as a bike builder before joining Full Cycle as a full time mechanic. Tom runs the day to day service operations at the Hill and loves working on bikes and helping customers repair or replace their existing bicycle. He’s into mountain biking and skateboarding in addition to art. Going to live music takes up most of his free time.

Brandon Sims – Service

Brandon has been with Full Cycle just over 2 years and has been working on bikes for the past fourteen. He grew up in the Denver area and now lives in Boulder. He’s probably the tallest BMX rider you will meet and he likes to ride at skate parks, too. Until recently, he went by the nickname of “Fro” but he recently cut his hair, which used to make him a full 7 feet tall!

Max Verhaghe – Service

Max grew up in Colorado Springs and moved to Boulder and joined Full Cycle in 2011. He enjoys mountain biking and commuting. He even has a mailbox mounted on his bike.  He’s got a 7 year old cat named Bella and enjoys snowboarding when not riding his bike.

Troy Watson – Service

Troy grew up in Florida where he raced BMX, mountain, and road, taking 3rd overall in the state one year in the road, criterium, and time trial categories.  He moved to Tennessee and worked at Litespeed before starting and later selling a bike building business.  Troy has built more than 15,000 wheels! He’s spent the last 5 years in Tucson before coming to Boulder in February.