The Crew

Spencer Burns – operations manager

Yet another East Coast transplant in Colorado. I grew up in Northern Virginia and went to college in southwest Virginia where my passion for the outdoors truly blossomed. I’ve been riding bikes all my life and started mountain biking as a teenager. I dove hard into riding when I moved to Colorado about 4 years ago. When the trails are too white, I get on my skis and slide down hills (and sometimes up!). 

Bikes: Iron Horse Warrior (26 for life!!!)(Buy me a new bike please), Bridgestone T700 roadie, and whatever rental is available for the day.

Matthew "vanilla Gorilla" Haas – lead Sales manager

Likes: My Dog.

Dislikes: Everything that is not My Dog.

Bike(s): Kona Rove, Redline Monocog Flight, Giant Roam 2 Disc (Braaaaap!!).

Jaime Jacoby – Sales Manager

I'm Jaime Jacoby from Gettysburg, PA via New York City. I almost became a politician, but decided I'd rather ride bikes in Colorado. 

Likes: Pina Coladas and walks in the rain. My favorite place to ride a bike is Boulder County USA. 

Dislikes: None

Bikes: Liv Envie, Ibis Mojo 3, Ibis Hakka, an old Italian steel road bike, and a steel 29er mountain bike.

Joe Kuhfahl – Service Manager

Before Bikes                                                                                                                                              After Bikes

I’m Joe Kuhfahl. The service manager at Full Cycle. I’ve been working in bike shops for over ten years now and ride every kind of bike possible. Whereas mountain biking was what brought me out to Boulder from New Jersey, I have developed a strong love for climbing the many beautiful mountain roads outside of town.

Nick Leng – The Hill Store Manager

Hi, I’m Nick. I grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire and moved on to spend a sweltering decade in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been here in Boulder for 6 years and a member of the Full Cycle team just as long, totaling 13 years in the bicycle industry.

Likes: Beer, hotdogs, hoodies, whisky, cheesy pitas, big mountains, small mountains, skiing, playing music, BIKES, my jeep, traveling, riding wheelies, sending it, greenfield kickstands

Dislikes: Soap operas, creed, low thread count sheets, that feeling when you have to sneeze but you can’t make it happen, flat tires, dreaming of falling and waking up in a cold sweat, people that kick dogs, paper cuts, rust, tummy aches, banana flavored candy

Bikes: Ibis Hakka Mx, Surly Pacer, Surly Midnight Special, SE Lager Fixie, SUN RevMX Klunker, 90’s Trek 930 with Retro Direct Drive, Half Bike

Chelsea "Da Boss" Zaloumis – the tune up Bar manager


Likes: Hazy IPAs, my dog, RUNNING

Dislikes: employees that break glasses

Bikes: Pique Advanced 2

Davide Giardini – Marketing & COMMUNITY Manager

Davide Giardini is our Marketing Manager. He is originally from the Italian Dolomites. He moved to the USA over 10 years ago to attend college, and moved to Boulder 6 years ago to pursue an MBA and a career as a professional triathlete. 

Competitive sports have always been ingrained in Davide's life: he won an Italian national title and a New England regional title in alpine skiing, competed in a freestyle windsurfing world-cup event in the Canary Islands, swam for the college team in Rhode Island, competed on the SUP Surf World Tour trials in Hawaii, and for the past 4 years has been racing IRONMAN triathlons professionally. His pro career highlights include: 2x pro wins, 11x podiums, and 1x World Championship top 10 representing Team USA.

Joe Zaizar III – Service

I'm an outdoorsman who loves to be inside. I moved from Northern California with my fiancé where we would spend a ton of time hiking and at the beach. Now I ride my bike a whole lot more and play more Xbox One because of how cold it is. Also I used to have huge dreads. Will drink Stouts, Belgians, Bourbon.

Likes: Color Green, Video Games, Grooming my Beard

Dislikes: Being Colorblind Green, Scotch, Walking

Bikes: Blue BMC Teammachine ALR01

Nic Bonner – Service

I'm Nic B

I enjoy long walks on the beach, the color black and also a slightly darker black and tiny hats.

Likes: Bikes of all kinds at all times

Dislikes: Meat

Drinks: Quad Americano!

Adam Gipril – Assistant Service manager

Adam Gipril is a straight up service G.  

Elise Strader – assistant bar manager

I just moved here from Santa Monica, California. I was looking for a change and Chelsea convinced me to try Boulder. So far, I’m loving it (thanks Chels). 

I like to climb, camp, travel, cook, drink beer, and play board games. 

I don’t like spiders or scary movies. 

My bike is a hand me down Schwinn, that’s all I know about it :)....... 

And best of all, I get to work with the very handsome Vanilla Gorilla.

[Name Withheld] – [POSITION WITHHELD] 


Bikes: Surly Struggler, Mailbox, Kona Process 153 CR/DL