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Rider Club FAQ


1. Do I need to make a purchase to join?

No. In fact, you can sign up online here.

 2. When can I redeem my points? 

For every 100 points, you can get access to a $5 coupon, which you can redeem during our February promotion period. 

 3. Do points expire? 

Not as long as you have made a purchase in the past year.  If you do not make a purchase for more than a year, then they will expire.

 4. How do I know how many points I have? 

Every time you make a purchase, you will be sent an email telling you what you earned, and what rewards are available.  You will also get a monthly digest email with an update.  The monthly digest email may also include special limited time offers.

 5. Do purchases made before December 1, 2017 count?


 6. Can I use my points on sale items? 

 Yes.  Anything!

 7. Can points be transferred to someone else? 


 8. When I redeem my points for store credit, do I have to use it right away? 

 Yes.  If you want to keep your points and use them later, do not redeem them.

9. Can i redeem points in the bar?

 No, but you can redeem them for bar drink tickets. 100 points gets you one drink ticket.

10. Can employees, shop family members, and Full Cycle Ambassadors become rider club members?

No.  Employees, some of their family and friends, and Ambassadors are not eligible.