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Full Cycle Bikes & The Tune Up Taproom are OPEN!
For faster service, schedule your shopping & service appointments and bike rental.
See our Store Procedures to keep us all safe.

Full Cycle is renting bikes during COVID!  All of our bikes are sanitized prior to pickup.

Whether you want to rent a bike while you’re in town or demo a bike before you buy, we have a wide range to choose from! Helmets, and most types of pedals are included. Up to 2 days of your rental fees may be applied toward purchase of a new bike within 30 days of your rental. Prepaid resevations may be cancelled, without penalty, up to 48 hours before the date of pickup.

Rental Rates*

Fees are based on one calendar/business day. Fees are refundable within 24 hours of reservation date.

Type   One Day   Extra Day Week
Townie $30 $20 $140
Kids Bike $25 $15 $110


Ibis Full Suspension $90 $60 $415
E-Bikes Full Suspension $90 $60 $415
Full Suspension $75 $50 $350
Hardtail $50 $35 $240
Carbon Road $80 $55 $380
Alloy Road $60 $45 $300
Carbon Gravel / CX $80 $55 $380
Electric Townies $75 $50 $350
Electric Commuters $75 $50 $350
Electric Full Suspension MTB $90 $60 $415