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Rentals & Tours

If you are just looking to rent, go directly to our rentals page.

Bike Tours & Experiences

Explore the cycling capital of the US with Boulder's best & oldest bike shop. We have experienced guides & coaches with decades of professional riding, guiding, and coaching experience.

  • Get 20% off your bike rental when you book a private tour!
  • Bike rental is not included in the tour price
  • Rental bike must be booked separately. We will reach out upon booking to assist with your rental.

Questions? Email us or call us!



Whether you want to rent a bike while you’re in town, or demo a bike before you buy, we have a wide range to choose from!

        • Helmets and pedals are included 
        • Up to 2 days of your rental fees may be applied toward purchase of a new bike within 30 days of your rental.
        • Prepaid resevations may be cancelled, without penalty, up to 48 hours before the date of pickup. ($20 fee per bike w/in 48hrs)
        • Insure your rental for $30! (Highly recommended)

Go to our rentals page.


Are you prepared to tackle the Rockly Mountains of Colorado, with all of their killer climbs, high altitude, dry air, and challenging terrain?

We partnered with Boulder-based world-renowned coach, Frank Overton of FasCat, so you can best train at home to make the most of your cycling & triathlon trip to Boulder, CO, the endurance capital of the world!

Click the image to browse cycling training plans.