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Bike building & Shipping

Got a bike you need us to ship?  Or need us to unpack and build one for you?  We have you covered.

you ship it to us, we build it

If you are new to town, or coming back from a trip, you can have your bike shipped to either one of our locations and we'll build it up for you, check it all over for safety, and even tune it up if the bike needs it.  

  • $140- Unbox, build, safety check, box disposal
  • $195- For just $55 more, we'll throw in our Pint Tune (normally $129)

We pack it and help you ship it

Heading out on a trip or moving away for good?  We make shipping y our bike as easy and smooth as possible. 

  • $95- Disassemble, and place securely in a box or your transport case.  We'll use one of our boxes from a recently built bike if we have it at no extra charge. 
  • To ship, you just need to set up an account with, and specify one of our stores as the pick up location.