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About the Club

This club isn't just about riding – it's about sisterhood, supporting each other, and growing, emotionally and physically, into the strong, beautiful women we imagine ourselves to be when we close our eyes ... it's about creating the next best version of ourselves and then the next one after that... it's about having fun, feeling JOY and achieving" This has never been truer than this year. I witnessed many of you become the next best version of yourself. Whether that was riding more miles, riding faster or just feeling better on your bike. I witnessed many of you support others in our group with encouragement, tips on cycling and being friends. I am constantly touched by how deeply we care for one another. We are truly special and I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you who make this club thrive! – Karli

Now, for those of you who have emailed or called and said... "I am not sure I fit", "I joined but never made a ride", "what if my gear is not good enough"... to you I say here for everyone to read... COME OUT, start with us. Take that first step, commit now that you will be at the kick-off party for 2017 and that you will try to ride. I promise you will not regret any event (ride or social time) that you spend with this group!! I know I never have.

The Venus Bike Club kicked off in the spring of 2009 and has been growing ever since. Each year we have over 200 members to ride, learn, and have fun with! The Club is headed up by Karli Gronholm at Full Cycle on Pearl Street with the help of our local cycling friends. Whether you are new to cycling and want to improve your skills, are trying to get in better shape, or just want a group of great women to ride with, this Club is for you!

Group Rides and More

Our group rides start in mid-March, and there is so much more happening as we get ready to kick off our 8th season.

Our weekend group rides are open to all members, and nonmembers may ride with us once to try it out. Our weekend rides alternate Saturdays and Sundays. In the early season, rides start at 10 am and they get earlier each month all the way to a staggered start time ranging from 7 am to 8:30 am, depending on the route and the heat for that day. We stagger the start times since we can have up to 80+ women and the bathroom line gets CRAZY!

In the beginning of the season, we start with 3 groups and work up to about 7 or 8 groups (depending on the turnout). We try not to have more than 12-15 women per group. Once we are in full swing, we split up among 3 lengths and several pace groups. Each ride has a lead and a sweep, except for the fastest, longest group. Here is how the groups usually break out:

Short route: Early season 10-12 miles at a 10-12 mph average pace. Over the season we increase to about 25 miles with a 12 mph average page

Medium route: Early season 18-25 miles at a 14mph average pace. Over the season this route increases to 25-45 miles and splits into two or three pace groups at 13, 14, and 15 mph+ average paces.

Long route: Early season 30-40 miles at a 15+ mph average pace. Over the season this route increases to a mid-season 45-80 miles at a 15+ mph pace and if needed a super fast group. The super fast group will become a drop ride with check in and check out at Full Cycle.

The real value of the club is not only the rides but also our amazing clinics! They are free to paid club members and most of these coaches are $90-$125/hr if you hired them alone.

Venus Bike Club Membership

Membership Annual Fee: $65

2017 Venus Membership Benefits*:

  • Members can ride in ALL Club rides
  • Discounted fee for any club clinics or coached training rides
  • 10% off any regularly priced items and service (except bikes) at all times for member and immediate family.
  • An Extra 5% off on sale priced items at Full Cycle – except for bikes).
  • 20% off bike fits.
  • Members can ride in ALL Club rides
  • Discounted pricing on club jerseys
  • Access to special sales/group discounts with vendors throughout the year
  • Invitation to special sales/group discounts with local partners
  • A portion of the membership fee goes to support to Greenhouse Scholars, a local non-profit
  • Discount on registration for the Venus de Miles rides in Boulder and Chicago

* All benefits are subject to change at any time throughout the year. 

How to Join
Three easy ways to sign up:

  • Call the shop and ask to join the Venus de Miles Club and you can pay over the phone with your credit card. 303-440-1002.
  • Stop in Full Cycle: 1795 Pearl St in Boulder
  • Click here to Join Online

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