Full Cycle Customers Speak! And we love what they have to say!

Our goal is to have lots of happy customers on bikes, and customer feedback helps us know how we’re doing. If you would like to leave a comment about your Full Cycle experience, click here.

“Went to Full Cycle specifically for a Felt Bike – Zero expectations, well maybe one.  Not knowing anything about Full Cycle, other than it being a “Specialty” Bike Shop, I expected an elitist attitude, but what I got was the exact opposite.  Chuck spent the time to help me size up my bike and special order it (all after closing time), because it wasn’t a stock model.  Overall it was one of the best shopping experiences I have had and I don’t hesitate to let people know where I got my brand new X-City 2 and how great the guys that work there are, so thanks a ton!”

“Just picked up a snow tire tonight.  1/2 the price of what Lee’s/Peloton had.  Don’t know why I don’t just go to you guys first, other than I live on the other side of town!  I have purchased a Giant mountain bike for my daughter and a Kona Paddy Wagon for me from you guys as well as various odds and ends.  You remain my favorite CO bike store!” 

“I could not have had a better experience.  The guys at this shop are all quality.  I worked mostly with Neil until he left and Tyler picked up right where Neil left off.  Tyler was fully aware of what I had discussed with Neil up to that point he took over.  I was debating between two bikes and this went on for several weeks with many test rides.  Everyone was cool with helping me swap out pedals and changing stems, fit, etc… Nobody ever once showed any sign of impatience and yet there was never any pressure.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the experience.  I have purchased bikes from other shops in town, but through the consistency of professionalism shown by ALL your staff you guys definitely have the upper hand.  As a previous business owner I know the effort it takes to make things click.  You guys have it!  Keep up the great work, I will be back.”

“Been meaning to post my review of Full Cycle for a while…. I had a not bought a new road bike in 20 years.  I had a crappy multi-purpose Mongoose from Sports Authority for a couple of years, and wanted to upgrade to some serious road biking.  I really had no idea what I needed, but I found the Full Cycle crew to be incredibly helpful and friendly.  To start with, Mike G (Kiwi guy) was absolutely fantastic.  He explained the options to fit my price range, and what the different gear sets, brakes, shifters, tires, frames, etc. meant to my riding.  Then he let me try what I liked, more than once.  He was never pushy, but always very helpful and friendly.  I came back a few times, and he happily helped to adjust the bikes to make sure they felt right when I tested them.  When I had selected a bike I wanted to buy, he helped to kit me out too, which was great.  After a month or so, I went to get my bike tuned and fitted.  RC was an excellent, and really spent the effort to make my bike feel right, and to make me feel welcome.  After RC was through with my bike, it just felt so much better!  He really went out of his way to do me right, like making sure I had the right size neck, and making sure to explain exactly what he was doing and why.  Great guys, and an awesome bike fit!  The tuning crew were super too.  Efficient, fast, and super work – I told them what the bike was doing, in 20 minutes they really had my bike singing!  I will definitely bring my bike back in spring to make sure it is tuned for the new season.  All told, Full Cycle was excellent.  I went to 4 or 5 different bike stores in Boulder.  Some were really questionable – one ( I won’t name them) had a great range and excellent prices, but the staff didn’t really seem to care about what bike was right for me (and they were high *all the time* – not that there is anything wrong with that…but do it in your own time, not when you are trying to help me with my bike!).  Some other stores were really good (University Cycles in the West End, for example, had some great people, and some really nice bikes, at decent prices).  But Full Cycle had the bikes I wanted (top bikes that I wanted to see, like Felt and Giant, but without the high prices of expensive brands like Specialized and Trek), awesome staff, great prices, and a really positive attitude.  I would totally recommend Full Cycle on Pearl St.” 

“My wife and I were recently in town visiting family.  We decided to rent a couple mountain bikes to do some riding while we were in town.  Everyone at Full Cycle was great!  They fitted us with a couple full suspension Giants, making sure the suspension, seat height, and tire pressure was set for our height/weight.  They were even very thorough explaining the various features of the bikes.  After we were fitted with the bikes, the guys were great in recommending various places to ride.  They even pulled out a map and showed us in detail.  The only mishap we had was my wife getting a flat while we were riding the next day.  Even then, one quick call to the shop and someone was on their way with a replacement tube.  Within 20 minutes after the phone call he had the tube swapped, re-inflated, and we were back to riding.  You guys rock!”  

“Your sales people are the best.  They set me up with a bike that is perfect for my needs and that rides and handles great.  It’s always a pleasant – if somewhat discombobulated – experience at Full Cycle (Pearl).” 

“I recently purchased a high-end road bike from Full Cycle – Pearl St. and found the help and assistance from the staff to be top-notch.  In particular I must point out the very professional and friendly assistance I received from R.C., the bike fitting expert.  This guy knows his stuff and he made some changes to my bike fit that I never would have considered.  He explained things to me in a detailed, but understandable manner.  I got a very good vibe from this guy.  He’s a good one for sure and most valuable asset to your store.  I’m a big fan of Full Cycle’s for sure.” 

“I walked into the store knowing nothing about bikes, other than the fact that I wanted a road bike.  Kaj was at my service within seconds, asking me targeted, helpful questions and working within my price range.  Many times, the person helping you is a multitasker-helping many people at once, or looking around the store distracted, but Kaj was very attentive and made sure I was his sole focus for the 1/2 hour he helped me pick a bike.  I will be back very soon to buy the bike, largely because of the excellent customer service I received!  Thanks Kaj!” 

“The confident and welcoming employees made the visit memorable!  I recently moved to CO and really enjoyed the employees’ helpful and down to earth attitude.  My first visit to Full Cycle was yesterday when I was looking for a bike tube and I ended up leaving the store with “healthy” tires, the knowledge on how to change a tire, bikes in the store (and the rental policy), bike clubs, and that Full Cycle employees could help me pick out a trail fit for various skill levels.  I am new to the sport,k and I can’t say enough positive comments about the encouragement at the “on the hill” store.  And ironically today, a customer where I work asked about bike shops and I immediately recommended Full Cycle (either On the Hill or the full Pearl St store).  I will definitely visit Full Cycle again.” 

“I have shopped at many bike stores all over the USA.  Your store is my favorite.  GOOD JOB!” 

“Kaj led me through the selection and purchase of my new Trance X1.  He listened to what kind of riding I mostly do, the price range I am in, and narrowed down the choices for me.  With that information, I was able to do the research necessary to be convinced that the X1 was the best choice of many options.  Thanks!”