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Going back to school is stressful and time-consuming enough as it is. Buying a bike shouldn't be another thing to worry about. For the 2017/2018 season, we want to make going back to school as easy and stress-free as possible. Our bundle ensures you get the best accessories for the money at an awesome price, the perfect bike to get around, and a whole team behind you to help you down the road. We're excited to offer lifetime adjustments, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, 3-point bike fit, and the option to finance the whole package. 

What Bundles do you offer?

We have one bundle option that can be added on to any bike purchase. Check out what's in the box below:

Helmet: Giant Compel or Liv Luta ($40 value)

Lights: Blackburn 2fer 2 Pack ($45 value)

Lock: Blackburn Local Standard U Lock ($29 value)

Basic Bottle Cage ($7 value)

Full Cycle 20 Oz Water Bottle ($6 value)

Free Coffee or Beer ($6 value)

Total at Regular Price: $133

Bundle savings: 5% off the bike and 20% off accessories

Choose Your Bike!

Giant Escape 3

Bike Only: $370

Bundle Price: $453

Total Savings: $50

Liv Alight 3

Bike Only: $370

Bundle Price: $453

Total Savings: $50

Momentum Street

Bike Only: $420

Bundle Price: $501

Total Savings: $52

Pure Fix Original

Bike Only: $370

Bundle Price: $453

Total Savings: $50

Giant Talon 2

Bike Only: $750

Bundle Price: $814

Total Savings: $69

Giant Escape 2 City Disc

Bike Only: $580

Total Price: $653

Total Savings: $60