Full Cycle

Monday-Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-5

About Full Cycle

At Full Cycle, we love bikes, and we want to inspire you to love your bike and ride more often! Whether you’re into racing on road or trail, recreational riding, commuting, and just about anything in between, we have the resources, expertise, and passion to get you riding. We have two retail locations, in Boulder, featuring world class service, an expert sales team, rentals, demos, classes, group rides and more.

We are the largest retailer of Giant Bicycles in the US, but even though we are big, you’ll find that it’s easy to know everyone in the shop by name. Full Cycle is a locally-owned business, and we strive to know our customers by name. We want to be your preferred local bike shop and we will go the extra mile to win your loyalty.

Our store on the Hill in Boulder is small but will blow your mind on the atmosphere.  Spend some time looking through the shop,  hang with the crew there you’ll enjoy the time.  We have mountain, road, commuter and kids bikes.  If you’re a serious trail rider you’ll find the crew here able to fix anything on your bike and help you find the best trails. The service department at the Hill has only 4 employees, and each one is top notch, so it’s one of the best places to get your bike worked on.  You can really have a personal relationship with the team on the Hill.

Our store on 18th and Pearl in Boulder has almost everything for every type of cyclist, and a service department that knows road bikes inside and out. Plus suspension tuning and service for mountain bikers that people come for from all over Colorado.  It’s a Boulder mainstay and a shop that riders from everywhere stop in to receive extremely friendly and knowledgeable service.  We have road, mountain, town, kids bikes and cruisers to enjoy here.

Why we do what we do

Full Cycle takes a different approach than other bicycle stores.  The team here tends to be more experienced than you’ll find at most shops, however we never have that condescending “bike shop” attitude; our crew outgoing andfriendly.  The average employee here has worked in a bike shop for over 10 years, many of us for 20 or more.  Nobody knows everything about all bikes, but every day we to learn more about them, and also learn more about our customers.  Each person who works at Full Cycle not only has a passion for bikes, but also has a passion for being nice.  That means that you can not only come in and learn more about how to enjoy cycling, you’ll do it with a person that genuinely just wants you to have fun on a bike.

Our staff is diverse; you’ll find commuters, tourers, racers, and more here.  If you come in to Full Cycle and want a bike for getting around, we’ll all go out of our way to help you.  If you have a specific need, say you want to tour across the US or start racing triathlons or mountain bikes, our staff just won’t give you some generic answer–we’ll find the person on the crew who can help you best.  If that person is not there, we’ll make an appointment for you.

We think it’s more fun this way – our team gets a chance to help you, our customer, the best way possible. We see it as a privilege to help you out, and we do our best to honor that privilege.

We want you to leave the shop more excited about riding and a little more knowledgeable about how to have fun and meet your cycling desires. We like to call it education with inspiration.

It’s a different way of running a bike shop, and we hope you’ll find that it works for you.  Please come on in and experience it for yourself.